Taken aback by Liam Neeson in Taken 3 [Review]

Bryan Mills is back again for the third "Taken" movie. As the title of the movie implies, we wonder, 

"Who will be TAKEN this time?"

Bryan Mills have established in the past two TAKEN movies the extend of what a father will do to protect his daughter and his family. Let's look back and evaluate the first two TAKEN movie. 

In the first movie, His daughter, Kim was taken while on a vacation in Europe. Bryan hunts down the kidnappers and teaches them a good lesson, not to mess with an ex-CIA father. Bryan Mills was able to track down Kim even though she's a continent away from him. We gasp and applaud on how the story unfold. In the end, Bryan was able to rescue Kim and return her home safely.

In the second movie, a scorned father tries to get revenge at Bryan Mills for killing his son (Kim's kidnapper). This time Bryan Mills and Lenore (his ex-wife whom he's wooing) gets taken. Bryan Mills instructed Kim (while being captured) to rescue them. Both father and daughter teamed up and worked together in this movie. 

A bit of Spoiler ahead (for those who haven't seen it yet)...

In the third movie, Lenore ends up dead at Bryan Mills apartment and pinning him as prime suspect. With the entire LA police force in pursuit of him, Bryan tries to hunt down the killer while wondering the main motive for killing Lenore. 

I'll stop here so you can still watch and see how the story progress...

The story line was great and so is Liam Neeson. He just keeps getting better and better doing action packed films. But I find that the third Taken movie lackluster in terms of the action scenes as compared to the first two. The hold-on-to-your-seats and heart-stopping scenes in the first Taken movie is still the best for me for it is more creative and distinctive.

Despite my observation and comparison, Taken 3 is still a nice action movie. You'll still get the formidable character and charm of Bryan Mills and Liam Neeson as well. 

Thank you 20th Century Fox Philippines for giving me tickets to see the film.

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