How Kingsman: Secret Service rose above to Box-Office [Review]

This has been a normal conversation during Valentines weekend and a week after that:

Girl: Tara, Let's watch 50 shades of Grey
Boy: Ummm.. Kingsman: Secret Service nalang, i heard it's a cool film..
Girl: But I wanna watch Christian Grey..
Boy: Ummm.. Let's watch Kingsman first.. Its way too cool to miss. And also the kind of "kicking ass" that I want..
Girl: To compromise, Let's watch 50 shades of Grey first, then Kingsman after.. It's a win win situation!
Boy: Umm.. oww..kay.. ( T_T )

We were lucky because we got to watch Kingsman: Secret Service first before 50 shades of Grey debuted the screens. Soshi was really relieved because he did not have to go through that conversation with me. I must say, it did not disappoint. I remembered that its been a while since I watched a cool spy film. And I ended up being a cool girlfriend.

If you grown up watching James Bond, then you can't help but relieve those memories upon watching Kingsman. The story is about an organisation called Kingsman. They consider themselves as the modern and cooler knights of the round table. They are nowhere associated with the government and they operate privately all across the globe. And yes, they kill a few bad guys, if needed.

I loved how Colin Firth portrayed a cool British James Bond, though sadly it was short lived. Samuel Jackson's villain character injects satirical humor not only through his lisp, but also through his cool and smooth lines. Taron Egert did shine in this film, despite those superb actors stated above.

The film mixes not only the those cool spy moves ala James Bond, it also tackles another pressing issue, Climate Change and Global Warming. The effects has been used as a motivating force to draw a drastic way to address it through this really cool spy film.

I applaud Matthew Vaughn for successfully bringing back the James Bond vibe to the younger generation, offering a material that the youth can relate to. It seemed that the juvenile generation enjoyed satirical humor, cool (but killer) state of the art toys, and an egotist (but funny) villain.

So yeah, guys who watched 50 shades of Grey SHOULD WATCH Kingsman to become cool again. Because it will make your testosterone shoot up again and regain your manhood once more. At a girl's persective, it was WAY BETTER than 50 shades of Grey (mind you, I anticipated 50 shades of Grey after reading the book and learning it was adapted to film).

How many times did I say "COOL" in this article? 

I know, it's sounds trivial but that's just me. I really love COOL spy films.. :)

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