Who's responsible to the death of the Fallen 44 SAF?

It's more than two weeks since the death of the Fallen 44 SAF and up till know it's still not clear what happened and why it happened in the first place.

The current status is that the Senate peace and order commission started their investigation and had been asking question to the people involved in the issue, which includes former PNP Director General Alan Purisima, SAF Director Getulio Napeñas, Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, PNP officer in charge, Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina and even the President himself.

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Everyone still has that nagging question which remained yet to be addressed. Who has the whole knowledge of the mission? What went wrong to the mission and Why?

We all know that whether we like it or not, there will be casualties in the Mamasapano clash especially they were dealing with dangerous fugitives. But what the public wants to know is who gave the order to proceed even though everyone knows they were trapped with no way out? Who's held responsible for the mission?

Yes, everyone involved had apologized and expressed how sorry they were about what happened but the public knows that it's not sincere enough because there's still a lot of loopholes in the story. It seemed that nobody's owning up to the miscommunication that had happened. The President seemed to have no knowledge about the mission, his allies is trying hard to make it appear he does, the administration is trying to gloat that it was a successful mission, and there's a conspiracy looming around it which involved the US Troops' presence in the clash. With all this, still, the Fallen 44 SAF remains to have died a tragic death instead of an honorable one. Their families are still crying for justice for their death.

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The public just want an explanation about what happened. If the government can get their stories straight and just explain to us what happened then it would be easier for everyone to mourn and move on through these dark days. The Fallen 44 SAF deserve to die honorably while defending and serving the country. They don't need the government's excuses and pointing fingers.

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