3 movie picks to catch this weekend

With the weekend already within reach, most of us anticipate our weekly movie dates with our special someone or with our friends and family. So, which movies do you want to watch this weekend? Here are three of my picks:

Kidnapping Freddy Heineken

The movie is based on true events that happened to the beer magnate, Freddy Heineken. While you love a good Heineken beer, it's nice to take a peek into the life who made our favorite beer.

The story is quite simple. A group of men who wanted more in life decided to go big and hard by taking the rich and famous Mr. Heineken to extort a large sum of money, enough to live off their whole lives.

But as the movie progress, you can observe how money turned things differently. As what Mr. Heineken, and I quote: " You can be rich in two ways, with friends or with money, but you can't have both."

The Gunman

From the makers of "Taken", they were able to do another great action movie by casting Sean Penn. Tackling the impending issues in Colombia, Sean Penn takes the role of a gunman who regrets the decisions he made and now haunted by his mistakes.

Watch as Sean Penn unravel the mystery with high powered guns, chase scenes and flexed pectorials. It is one adrenaline pumping movie, not to mention that Sean Penn looked way to good despite his age.

And may I say that his surfing skills were awesome?! I heard that he really did that scene and I must say, he did a good job on that scene.

The Second Best Marigold Hotel

If you loved the movie, "That thing called Tadhana", then you'll love The Second Best Marigold Hotel. The movie tackles about love and success, in a unique way and using a different generation. There are definitely a lot of "Hugot" moments as well in the film.

Set in India, you'll see old people struggle with love in the most unusual place. There were nice amount of humor as the love story progresses. Right love at the wrong time, missed chances, wrong impressions that hinder what we truly feel, seeking for love when it is just right beside you, pride that will break someone's love and loving yourself first in order to fully love somebody else; these are a few of the scenarios that is evident in the film. The ever dashing Richard Gere is also in the film, making hearts swoon despite his age.

The younger crowd may not be able to relate, but if you consider the circumstances, you'll see that it is one good movie that will make you laugh and at the same time believe in love all over again.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a movie critic. I just appreciate the messages each movie sends out to each audiences. It's up to the movie goers' perspective to say if the movie is any good or not. We are all entitled to our own opinions. :)

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