You can't ignore "The Voices" in your head [Review]

The movie, "The Voices", tells the tale of a guy sufferring from Schizophrenia and the struggles to adapt in real life situations. You'll see the glamor and ugly world of what's realy going inside the head of a schizo.

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Ryan Reynolds plays the role of Jerry, a guy suffering from schizoprenia trying to live a normal life. At first it may seem like a normal guy but as soon as he steps inside the comfort of his home, that's where the bizarre happens. He lives with a talking dog, Bosco and cat, Mr. Whiskers which symbolizes as his good and evil mind. He tries social interactions with the girl he likes at work. But it didn't end up good, which consumed him to give in to his urges and kills someone in the process.

As a movie goer, you'll be taken aback with Jerry's actions and decisions. You won't be able to determine if you'll be grossed out with the blood and gore or laughing about what transpired in that situation. Jerry's crazy behavior of talking to queer items like his dog and cat, and making friends with the gutted head of the people he killed inside his fridge, is outlandishly creepy and funny at the same time.

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Most of us see the worst, but none of us understands how it's way worse than what we see. The loneliness and an uncontrollable urge, they have it hard. Even though the pain reality is there, "The Voices" did not fail to amuse me. Ryan Reynolds is one attractive and awkward psycho with a dark sense of humor. The movie was painstakingly weird but funny indeed. And that catchy "Happy Song" at the credits is uncanny and definitely unique. Be careful because it'll have a last song syndrome effect on you for a while.

Catch the movie "The Voices" at your nearest Ayala Malls Cinemas as it's now open in cinemas.

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