Meat District: For the Chef at Home [Launch]

Juggling work and maintaining relationships have been a main struggle for every individual. So most of us have been trying hard to find balance by living a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy is one of the battles we have to face everyday. Finding quality food without the harmful chemicals and preservatives gets harder everyday. Meat District is one brand that continuously strives to bring quality meat products, without any harmful additives, to every household.

Meat District is under the TriDharma Holdings Corp (which carries Kopiko and Energen brands as well). Meat District specializes in premium high quality gourmet meat products such as sausages, ham, bacon and a lot more. Their products are made in controlled batches with fresh batches without artificial flavors, colors, fillers and extenders to ensure maximum flavor.

Meat District takes pride in their craft and maintain their time-tested and treasured recipes of specialty sausages and deli meats. Their delightful creations include European Sausages, Wieners, Bacon, Beef, Ham and even all-time Filipino favorites such as Beef Tapa, Chicken or Pork Longganisa and Pork Sisig.

Meat District started in 2012 with a humble manufacturing facility in Rizal. They've been operational for almost four years and you'll even be familiar with their gourmet products for they've been supplying gourmets for hotels and restaurants.

This year, Meat District aims to directly reach out to households. You can't find their product anywhere except for hotel and restaurants that make use of their meats. They are making their products accessible to the public while giving them the opportunity to earn from it. 

Last Saturday, Meat District met with people with entrepreneurial minds to introduce their business plan. It was their first time to open up to the scrutiny of these entrepreneurs. With a good product on hand, they presented their business plan with hope that they'd reach more households.

Business Reseller Plan

As how small business starts, they have a starter pack which costs Php5000. It consists of their most loved products that you can use to kick start your earnings. You'll be given a thermal bag which contains their products, a business plan kit which includes the product description and price. As a reseller, you can add a bit of profit by selling the product or you can buy the products and use it for your business (like a canteen or food stall business).

As an example, Portia, owner of the famous restaurant in Marikina, Rustic Morning mentioned that their restaurant uses Meat District products. She even showed some quick delicious recipes to try at home like Sausage & Potato Goulash and Spinach Cream & Tomato Pasta. 

Meat District products are delicious and affordable. They are up par to premium brands that also sells gourmet meat and sausages like Santis and Earle's. You are sure that the product is indeed sellable and loved even by kids. Their sausages reminded me of the breakfast sausages I tried in different hotels.

If you are a foodie who love sausages and meats, then you can incorporate Meat District products for an enjoyable feast or dining experience. You can be sure that you're eating gourmet meats that are high quality and free from the harmful ingredients than most processed meats in the market possess.

Check out how to incorporate Meat District meats to your meals at this link. For more information about Meat District, visit their website or email me on where you can purchase their products.

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