“Misterless Misis” gets into online dating

People say that in this modern time, everything happens and develops in just one click. For the second episode of TV5’s newest weekend sitcom, Misterless Misis touches on the realities of today’s current trend of online dating. Does online dating really speed up your chances of finding your Mr. Right or does it just create an illusion of something we want to believe in?

Last week, Kapatid viewers met the fun, energetic and sassy girls of Misterless Misis: Lorna Tolentino, Gelli de Belen, Ritz Azul, with Mitch Valdes and Ruffa Gutierrez, and introducing Andie Gomez.

This weekend, we will see how the ladies all become hooked on online dating as Diana (Ruffa Gutierrez), Lisa (Gelli de Belen), Elsa (Mitch Valdes), Tiny (Andie Gomez) and Mia (Ritz Azul) all try out the latest application being developed by Jenny (Lorna Tolentino), the online dating application called “LoveClicks”. Ironically, Jenny doesn’t want to explore the potentials of her own project since she is already cynical when it comes to love. But upon the prodding of her friends, Jenny creates her own “LoveClicks” profile, which leads her to meeting someone. Find out if, finally, Jenny will once again believe in the magic of love.

Meanwhile, Lisa uses “LoveClicks” as an avenue to expand her networking business, but just as she starts to appreciate its advantages, the ladies in the neighborhood discover a shocking truth: they find out that Lisa’s husband who is working abroad is also active in this online dating site. Diana, on the other hand, uses her inate investigative (read: “chismosa”) skills in order to help Lisa with her husband and at the same time unravel the truth about Mia’s participation on “LoveClicks”, which has also been bothering Elsa and Tiny.

Join the fiery yet fun crowd of Misterless Misis as they all share their experiences with “LoveClicks”. Be entertained with their witty and memorable lines that are always a hit among viewers.

Under the direction of Mark Meily, Misterless Misis redefines “Girl Power” as the lovable characters show how independent women manage to withstand life’s countless challenges. “Misterless Misis” airs every Sunday at 9pm, exclusively on TV5.
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