TV5 gives viewers an extra spooky Saturday as the #ParangNormal Activity gang goes to Baguio City

This Saturday night at 8:00PM, be sure to tune in to TV5 as the #ParangNormal Activity gang pack their bags and head straight to one the most reportedly haunted places in the country –The City of Pines, Baguio City – for a long overdue barkada vacation!

But as their fate would have it, Charlie (Ella Cruz), Makoy (Ryle Paolo Santiago), Red (Andre Garcia) and Third (Shaun Salvador) will once again find themselves in the middle of a spooky and supernatural occurrence that only they can solve.

In true ghost-hunting fashion, the #ParangNormal gang comes across a haunted vacation house whose strange centerpiece is an antique and mysterious jar, believed to be inhabited by a ghost who ‘captures’ and traps unknowing victims inside it.

Can the #ParangNormal gang work their ‘magic’ and solve another supernatural case? Or will they this time find themselves out of their element in Baguio and stuck on ‘vacation mode’? And to top it all off, how will the group’s dynamics come to be when a mysterious and pretty French-speaking teenager, Lexi (Taki Estrada), enters the picture?

Don’t miss this Saturday’s extra special and extra spooky episode of #ParangNormal Activity at 8:00PM, airing right after’s “Si Akong Ekit” episode at 7:00PM, which puts the spotlight on a ragtag band of superheroes called ‘Marvelicious’, composed of Witch Ever (Ritz Azul), BonBon Fire (Lemuel Pelayo), Electric Ella (Danita Paner) and Akong Ekit (Ahron Villena). 

Don’t forget to let your voices be heard and join in on the social media chatter by using this week’s official hashtags: #LolaBdotcom and #PNABaguioTrip.
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