Got a Restaurant Bucketlist? Fulfill it with Foozap!

With the never-ending list of “Top 10” recommended dishes and eat strips mushrooming all over Metro Manila, eating out nowadays has never been this social. It has evolved into a collective activity in which friends are invited, selfies are snapped and food is captioned -- not to mention, #hashtagged.

In fact, “sharing your food” can mean so many things from passing on the plate to posting artful pictures of your order and giving a shoutout to your favorite hangouts. In all these so-called food trips, foodscapades, or food adventures”, Foozap is there to share your moments.

A social reviewing site for restaurants in Manila, Foozap is conceptualized by a Japanese foodie who loved roaming the metro in search of good food. Gaku Nakamura, who is a self-proclaimed Japanese ramen consultant in the Philippines, started with writing about top ramen places in Manila. But his love for food goes beyond ramen. Wanting to build a community of foodies, he now channels his energies encouraging Filipinos to “talk about good food.” Thus, Foozap was born.

Foozap is your personal food diary loaded online. It allows you to discover restaurants near you, search for cuisines you currently crave, read reviews of other people or write reviews of your own, and post photos from a restaurant you recently tried. Plus, Foozap allows you to add a restaurant into your “Wish” list and get notifications if any of your friends visited and reviewed your wished restaurant.

Exciting upgrades are also coming to the site, as it will soon allow users to automatically share their review on social media, add user widgets to their personal websites and become ranked as one of the top users of the month.

Start your own food journey with Foozap! Simply sign up to or download the android app. You can also like their Facebook page at where weekly contests are being held, giving away vouchers to your favorite restos in Manila

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