Cohen kicks off 2016 with a healthy start.

Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre welcomed the year with a media briefing on the health trends of 2016, which are geared toward preventing obesity and other non-communicable diseases. 

Ms. Barbara Young, chief executive officer of Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre (rightmost), was present to reaffirm the importance of eating right and the power of food as medicine. Also present were Cohen’s Lifestyle Program graduates (L-R): Allan Elgar, Carmela Tanjangco, Eric Valera, Sheryll Chua, Jam Padilla, Tasha Santos, and David Kahn. 

The Cohen’s Lifestyle Program is a rapid weight loss and wellness program that is individually prescribed based on a person’s unique blood profile and uses food to correct the imbalance of hormones that cause weight gain. 

To learn more about the Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre and its personalized weight-loss and wellness program, visit its website at, its official Facebook page at, and its official Instagram account at
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