Student poses with 2 middle fingers raised for grad pic

A college student uploaded his unique graduation photo in Facebook and it eventually went viral. The reason? A lot of the netizens find his photo to be arrogant.

Ram Malonzo, a university graduate, become the subject of the recent viral post in Facebook after uploading his graduation photo with his two middle fingers raised. His caption reads:

I dedicate my middle finger to the people who left me, judged me, turned me down, cheated on me, talked behind my back, lied to me, and underestimated me. Because of people like you, I became stronger and smarter. From the bottom of my heart, f*ck you with DEGREE.

While some people took it positively and got inspired with how Malonzo managed to graduate even with these people behind him, a lot of the netizens are not and even find his photo offensive.

Malonzo already took down his viral profile photo and replaced it with a professional looking one. He captioned it with:

I don't know. You can just put some quote in for me. I will be judged anyway. ‪#‎Happylang‬

Malonzo is not letting the bashers affect him and by the looks of it, he seemed to be chill in handling the cyberbullying part. He should be. The corporate world is filled with more of those people he initially dedicated his viral graduation picture. This experience will certainly make him even more stronger and smarter.
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