"The Cure" deserves a chance

GMA's primetime series The Cure might've started poorly in the rating game but the show is full of potential. It deserves as much attention as we have been giving to all other TV series out there.

The Challenges and Opportunities

The Cure inherited the existing problems of its predecessors including the poor reception from TV viewers. It's not a secret that the rival show Ang Probinsyano is enjoying that specific timeslot. The show has been on air for quite a long time because they have already established their story and cast. Not only that it originated from an FPJ classic, the lead actor also has a huge following, to begin with. Coco Martin is a staple in ABS-CBN's PrimeTime Bida after starring from multiple successful Kapamilya teleseryes.

The Cure, on the other hand, offers a new and refreshing series in Philippine TV. Zombies may have been a common theme after the success of the American series The Walking Dead and Korean movie Train To Busan. But in the Philippines, we have yet to produce our own zombie apocalyptic series. This is the first time that we integrated this concept in a teleserye.

In terms of effects, we can proudly say that the production really invested in this part. It's probably the forte of GMA with Encantandia, Mulawin, Darna and other successful fantasy series under their belts. Have you seen how they destroyed the Luneta Park in one of the recent episodes? It's so realistic!

Story-wise, you could say that it's a combination of Resident Evil and The Walking Dead. But you also have to consider that it's a Filipino teleserye. Insert some love issues and family storyline in there to make the soap more suitable to the Filipino audience. Not that it's the perfect formula but that's just exactly most of our teleseryes are.

The cast also gave justice to their respective roles with Jennylyn Mercado and Tom Rodriguez leading the pack. It's their first team up as well and their chemistry as a married couple is quite impressive. Jacklyn Jose, with her unique acting style, fits well with her role as a doctor.

The Cure is really promising and could offer more if given a chance. We hope that GMA and the production staff will continue to bring in more interesting twists to the series and refrain from imitating foreign plots to avoid the show from being bashed mostly by non-viewers.

Let's give this show a chance. Watch it and let us know your thoughts. 
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