Avengers: Endgame left moviegoers teary-eyed

This may have been the end of this more than a decade-long Marvel Cinematic Universe's Infinity saga that brought multiple superheroes to a different level of popularity but the legacy of this franchise would truly last if not forever.

Marvel Studios' last installment of the Avengers showed us how an action-packed superheroes reunion movie should be done. The grand assembly of the cast in Avengers: Endgame wowed the cinema viewers not only because it was the most awaited movie this year that put together the biggest stars in the industry but also because the scene when most of them appeared was conditioned to be emotionally satisfying. It was as if you'd like to hug them one by one and gently whisper 'Welcome back!'.

For those who were not able to watch the previous movies, you may not have the same level of emotional connections with the characters but I'm pretty sure you would still be able to relate as to how the majority of the fans felt when the characters get back together in one screen.

Okay, I kept on dropping the word 'emotional' considering that this is an action movie. Knowing that this huge journey will be over after ten years, you really just can't blame the people from getting extra emotional in the movie theaters. Plus the fact that 50% of the characters were resurrected in this Avengers finale, I think it's really okay to be teary-eyed.

If you haven't watched the movie yet, you better be. It's too damn good to be missed out in movie theaters.
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