4 Guidelines for Safely Using a Gun

Responsible gun ownership should be taken seriously. This goes beyond knowing how to use, store, and maintain your weapon. Whether you prefer Glocks or Winchesters, you need to know some basic safety rules. These apply to any firearm, from the smallest handguns to enormous rifles. Make sure to memorize these basic rules before trying to use your weapon. 

1. Treat It Like It’s Loaded

Always treat a firearm like it's loaded. Not only does this set you up to develop safe habits, but it also prevents you from accidentally discharging a weapon that you thought was unloaded. This is especially important when handling other people's weapons. 

2. Point the Muzzle in a Safe Direction

Don't point your gun at anything you don't want a bullet to go through. Instead, face the muzzle in a safe direction. This means to have the muzzle facing away from anything or anyone that you don't want to be harmed. 

3. Keep Your Finger off the Trigger

Always keep your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to shoot. In other words, never put your finger inside the trigger guard until your gun is mounted, sights are lined up, and it is time to shoot. This will keep you from accidentally discharging your weapon in an unsafe manner. 

4. Think About What’s Behind Your Target

While it's important to think about your target, it is more important to worry about what is behind it. Always make sure there are no things or people behind your target. This is because a bullet will quickly go through most targets and hurt people and items. 

These guidelines are the key to improving gun safety and becoming a responsible firearm owner. No matter what type of weapon you own, it is crucial that you get into the habit of following these rules. 

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